Navello - La finestra italiana dal 1824


All Navello products are varnished using only water-based products, improving working conditions for the operators involved.

Protection against fungi and parasites is ensured by the application of a primer, and does not need to be repeated.

It is important that the primer is coloured, as the iron oxides used as pigments reduce the absorption of the sun’s rays.

The primer is applied using a flow-coating system, in which the window is hung from a chain before passing through a low pressure spray tank.

In this way the varnish also reaches the concealed parts of the window.

The finishing cycle reduces the wood’s absorption of humidity, and gives the window a nice glossy appearance, highlighting its refined design.

An airmix spray system is used for the surface varnish: the window passes on its chain in front of a series of automatic reciprocators, which follow its profile at a constant speed, guaranteeing a uniform coat of varnish.