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 Wood, a choice in respect of nature

Wood is the oldest natural and renewable material used for the construction of Windows.
Choosing only one coming from tightly controlled plantations, in accordance with the life cycle of trees and without depleting the forest heritage, promotes the necessary recycling and reforestation.

In the period since World War II to 1980 the Italian forest area has grown by 30%, while from 1985 to today has grown another 20%.
With the same rhythm grow the European and North American forests.
Those who argue that cut trees means, impoverishing the heritage that gives many benefits to humanity, are ecologists of the last hour or businesses that "filantropicamente" are meant to help not to cut trees, perhaps by proposing less "sustainable" materials (e.g. plastics).
In addition, all materials exposed to the elements are subject to decay. The concrete crumbles, iron will rust, the plastic "dry" and the aluminum oxidizes.
The time, in recent years helped by the smog and acid rain, not save anything.
But wood, among the various materials normally used in the construction of window frames, has the characteristic that, although are overlooked the normal cleaning and maintenance procedures, both anyway restorable.
Buy a wooden window frame means then make a choice according to nature.