The window energy saving


OMERO is the energy saving window: 92 mm thick wooden double glazing with standard double glazing to achieve a total thermal transmittance of less than 1! In addition to getting the 65% tax bonus you save on the gas bill, lower consumption, more savings, and the environment thank you. Our sales network is available for any clarification.  


Navello opens the windows to the light

Navello opens the windows to the light

From the evolution of Seta 2.0 eco, the Seta 2.0 slim is born, reducing both the central knot and the lateral side uprights leaving room for the glass and increasing the light by 10%!     


Torino Porte and Navello together for Expocasa

Torino Porte and Finestre, from February 27 to March 6, at the Oval Lingotto in Turin, V19 stand, presents the new windows signed Navello. wood windows, wood-aluminum, thermal insulation glass, energy saving, etc ... many innovations are waiting for the V19 stand. Do not miss!

Born the wooden-aluminum 68 mm!

Here are the new wood-aluminum windows: Oceano 2.0 and City 2.0! They have the wooden part oh thickness 68 mm and an external aluminum Oceano, for Oceano 2.0, and City, for City 2.0. Windows are essential design for use in architecture and contemporary style. For full details please contact our sales network.  


Digital Identity


Given the success of the Facebook page we wanted to invest on other social networks: Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and Youtube!

So we invite you to follow us with your social profiles to share as much as possible every NAVELLO content. Particularly if you already have a LinkedIn profile we invite you to connect it to that of Navello following his updates. For any information, our sales network is available.