Seta 2.0 Slim

 Seta 2.0 Eco 


caratteristiche Seta ECO  novecento 
The wooden window for maximum brightness, reducing profiles increases glass and light by 10%...
 The Seta 2.0 ECO range is ideal for any architectural solution, for classic and modern settings and for those who love to personalise their home... NOVECENTO is a wooden window designed to meet al modern building need...



 Oceano and Oceano 2.0

  nuvola2  oceano
OMERO was born, the new window that combines the most advanced technologies for energy efficiency with a design of contemporary style...   NUVOLA is a window in wood-aluminium that join technology and elegance... OCEANO is the versatile and resistant window that naturally protects the home...

City and City 2.0


Sliding doors

city-icon seta  scorrevoli 2016 thumb
CITY is the wood-aluminium fixture that disappears to make way for glass.
SETA is a wooden window ideal for restructuring, thanks to the reduces dimensione of the frame...   The sliding doors allow the realization of modern conception of living comfortably in contact with nature...


The right accessories for your ideal frame, what you always dreamed of a home. Make happy and safe your life...