CITY and CITY 2.0

The window onto your world

The wood-aluminium fixture that disappears to make way for glass. The outer frame, with its streamlined, linear design, is completely recessed into the wall.
The frame disappears, the glazed area increases and performances are improved.


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Window features

  • WINDOW with 74x78 mm section wing for City (74x91 mm for City 2.0) and 101x69 mm frame for City (101x82 mm for City 2.0), triple seal mounted in the frame, silver coloured hardware and flush hinges.
  • ALUMINIUM CLADDING featuring very rigorous and linear design, thanks to the aluminium profiles frame and profiles polyamide sash which are coplanar. The aluminium cladding is positioned at a distance to allow circulation of the air between the wood and the aluminium without any point of direct contact.
  • WOODEN FRAME with long cross pieces to avoid exposing the head wood on the sill and at the top of the window.
  • TRIPLE SEAL fitted on the frame to achieve high levels of thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • 20 mm GLAZING BEAD and glass positioned entirely towards the outside to increase the thermal insulation.
  • low-emission standard double glazing, with a 10-year warranty against the formation of condensation.


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Ferramenta a scomparsa inserita a richiesta Sulla portafinestra soglia
in pultruso di serie


Air permeability
(EN 1026 e UNI EN 12207)
class 4
the measurement were made on 1300x1500two leaf windows
Water tightness
(EN 1027 e UNI EN 12208)
class E900
the measurement were made on 1300x1500two leaf windows
Wind resistance
(EN 12211 e UNI EN 12210)
class C5
the measurement were made on 1300x1500two leaf windows

Thermal transmittance
(UNI EN ISO 10077/1 e UNI EN ISO 10077/2)

Uw 0,98 w/mqk
the measurement were made on 1300x1500two leaf windows, with glass Ug=0,6

Sound proofing power
(appendice B UNI EN 14351-1)

Rw (C;Ctr) = 33 (-2,-6) 
the measurement were made on a 1300x1500 mm with glass 31 db



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