Sliding doors and Windows allow the realization of modern conceptions of living comfortably in contact with nature,through doors and Windows wide glazed surface.

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 Lift and slide

Sliding doors for more light, realizable with more sliding or fixed sashes, with a floor runner and frame on 3 sides. Even big surface doors that open and close easily by means of a lever.

The mobile sash can be lowered and stopped in any point of the runner. With the thermal opening level, excellent thermal transmitting results can be obtained according to UNI EN ISO 10077/1 and UNI EN ISO 10077/2, related to a two sash window L 2800 x 2100 H mm, with glass Ug=1,1: Uw = 1,4

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 Pocket lift & slide

One or two sash siding door, on a metallic counter frame, with floor runner, in which the leaves slide into the wall. It is the most functional solution for saving space, in fact, because it vanishes into the wall, space can be recovered and at the same time a lot of brightness is let in through the opening. scorrevole

 Parallel slide


Doors with one or more sliding or fixed sashes, with a 4 sided frame that allows a flap opening as well as the normal side sliding function and aeration.

On opening, the sliding leaf works easily and is light. When it is closed the leaf is blocked onto the frame on the four sides from the central closure guaranteeing excellent thermal-sound insulation.

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 Sliding and folding

The shutters slide along a lower or upper track and fold to the side where they gather in a packet that is not bulky: therefore the living room and garden form a single, high quality environment that is in close contact with nature.
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